Prayer: Beginning Again with the Rev. Dr. David Long-Higgins

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Beginning Again
An Advent Prayer
Loving God,
 Thank-you for the gift
 Of beginning again
 When all seems lost
 Or weariness wears down
 The last inch of hope.
Yes, turn the page
 Of over-rehearsed despair
 Or dread of dullness
 Formed by too much
 Of just about everything.
 Form instead Your promise
 When night’s weight
 Seems too heavy for 
 Dawn’s readiness to rise 
 In surprises unlikely
 To be noticed by the world
 Yet formed by You 
 As the beginning place
 Of Your grand renewal,
 Starting as one small baby
 Still in formation
 Not yet ready to be born
 But quickening the senses
 With miraculous movement.
 Yes, form this advent
 Of Your grand reversal
 In me as I wait in wonder
 At what You will readily reveal
 In this long season 
 Of late dawn and early dusk.
Let me savor the beauty
 Of what I do not know
 Urging me to wait
 When all around me
 The world rushes 
 In frenzy of the overfull,
 The too much and the too soon.
Still me into the gift
 You so yearn to give,
 Of silence rising 
 From deep within 
 Touching everything 
 With Your cosmic creation
 Daring to form a new world
 Unknown by the old one
 Satisfied with a hypnosis
 Of over-rehearsed hopelessness.
Yes, grant me 
 An Advent awakening
 Muting every resistance 
 And releasing a new song
 Of thanks for Your grand gift 
 Of beginning again…

-November 2022, DMLH
Prayer: Beginning Again with the Rev. Dr. David Long-Higgins
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